The sites

The proposals are across two sites: the Carmelita Community Centre and Orsett Street.

Above: map showing the two sites

Orsett Street

The Orsett Street site is located within the Vauxhall Garden Estate, sitting along Vauxhall Street in between Orsett Street and Sancroft Street. It currently contains a temporary construction compound, carpark and grassed area with mature trees. 

The Carmelita Centre

The Carmelita Centre site is also located within the Vauxhall Garden Estate. It sits at the corner of Vauxhall Walk and Jonathan Street and sits to the south west of Hayman's Point. It currently contains a single story portacabvin that contains the existing community centre. An area of lawn space and forecourt to the community centre is also within the site boundary.

Homes for Lambeth are delivering both of these sites together as part of one planning application. The Carmelita Centre site will deliver a fully affordable scheme, whilst the Orsett Street site will deliver homes at market sale. This is to increase the overall amount of affordable housing provision across the two sites.

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