Key guarantees for secure tenants

As a secure tenant, there are some key guarantees set out as to what you can expect as your estate is rebuilt.

Guarantee 1
If you need to be rehoused during the rebuilding of your estate, you will either be able to remain on your estate or take ‘B and A’ status to move to another council or housing association home in Lambeth. Existing residents living on estate regeneration estates have priority for the newly built homes.

Guarantee 2
You will be able to move into a home that meets your housing needs. If applicable, your newly built home will be designed to meet your disability requirements.

Guarantee 3
Your rent, as an assured lifetime tenant living in a newly built Homes for Lambeth home, will be set in the same way as council rents. If you have to pay a higher rent as a result of moving to a newly built home, then that rent increase will be phased in over a five-year period.

Guarantee 4
You will be compensated for having to move. A home loss payment will be paid to you, plus reasonable disturbance costs.

Guarantee 5
The council will provide you with help to enable your move, with additional support offered to you if you have special needs or a disability.

Guarantee 6
The council will provide you with advice and information to help you make informed decisions about your future housing.

Guarantee 7
If you choose to stay on your current estate, you will be able to get involved in the design of the new homes and the estate as a whole and influence decisions around the phasing of building new homes and the construction works.

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