Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions that we have been asked about the proposals, along with answers from the project team.

If you have any further questions you can email us at: [email protected]

Question Answer
Where can I see the live presentation again? 

If you were unable to attend the online question and answer session, the materials that were on display are available in the event section of this website.

You can also view/comment on the proposals online at, via email or [email protected] or by calling our Freephone on 0800 955 1042.  

How many people attended the online consultation? 


74 people attended the online events across the two days. 

How will the consultation cater to those who are not confident to go online? 


There are several ways that residents can respond to the consultation including by telephone (0800 955 1042) and by writing to our freepost address. We will write to local residents when the planning application has been submitted to Lambeth Council Planning Authority.  

Where can we see more than just sketches of the proposals? 


The proposals may change as a result of the feedback received from this consultation. When the application is submitted to Lambeth Council, we will provide a link to all the application documents.  

When will the work be started and how long will it take? What is the timeline for the delivery of the project? 

Following the online engagement and review of the scheme, the intention is to submit a detailed planning application to Lambeth Council Planning Authority in summer 2020. 

Subject to the planning application being formally approved by Lambeth Council Planning Authority, we aim to start building in summer 2021 and complete the new homes in winter 2022. 

Will they be fire safe? 

Yes, all relevant regulations will be followed. A fire consultant has been appointed to offer guidance throughout the design process, ensuring, latest fire regulations are met. A Fire Safety Report will be submitted with the planning application to show the measures taken to minimize the risk of fire. 

Will the affordable housing have a separate entrance to the private ones? 


The affordable housing for this planning application is based within the Carmelita site whilst the Orsett Street site will provide homes for private sale.  

Will further consideration be given to potential use of the suggested ground floor to be for commercial or other amenities. Particularly given the area has lost pub and other commercial space due to development. 

London, and Lambeth, has a severe shortage of housing. We consider that residential and community space in this location to be the most efficient use of the land.  

Would Homes for Lambeth consider enhancing the shop-fronts of the shops opposite as part of the proposals? 


The businesses on the other side of the road are outside of the red line for this planning application but we are happy to discuss opportunities going forward. 

Will the new homes be considered to be part of Vauxhall Gardens Estate? 


The new homes will not form part of the estate, but the affordable housing element will be owned, and managed, by Homes for Lambeth. 

Will there be a roof terrace? 


Both the Orsett Street and Carmelita proposals contain a communal roof terrace for residents of the building 

Are there any proposals to alter the sunken area between Hayman’s Court and Coverley Points? 


The current proposals do not include any upgrades to the sunken court between Hayman’s Court and Coverley Point as we believe the area has recently been upgraded. 

Could Coverley and Haymans be considered as part of the project? 

At this time, we are progressing a planning application for the Carmelita and Orsett sites, Coverley and Haymans are not included within this development. 
How big will the gardens be? Is there enough room for it within the development area? What are the plans for the outdoor space and community garden? 

The landscaping proposals include the re-provision and improvement of underutilised green space within the Vauxhall Garden Estate. 

Whilst we are currently working through the exact proposals for the outdoor and communal space – in conjunction with local residents and stakeholders 

Carmelita Centre 

The community garden proposed within the Carmelita site will be 200sqm and will replace the existing forecourt that faces Vauxhall Walk.  

We are also proposing to upgrade the Estate Garden towards Jonathan Street (to the south of Hayman’s Point), this will be 680sqm of outdoor amenity space, 147sqm which will be allocated towards children’s and toddlers play space for the building. 

In addition, we are proposing to upgrade the 734sqm of landscaping at Tracey Island on Tyers Street and upgrade the decked area over the garages at Coverley point, which provides a further 750sqm of outdoor space. 

Orsett Street 

The communal garden that faces Orsett Street is 815sqm and we are also proposing a pocket park at the corner of Vauxhall Street and Sancroft Street 65sqm of which will be used as children’s and toddlers play space for the new building.  

Do the proposals result in the removal of the green edge of the path resulting in a reduction of green space, even if small? 


The application will include building to the edge of the property, resulting in the loss of this small area. However, other areas will be improved and bought back into use.  

Will the garden be in the shade? 


Full consideration has been made of the wish to ensure that the garden receives its fair share of light. A full report into sunlight and daylight levels across the development will be made as part of the application and will be made available to view via a link on this website. 


Will the proposals be built along the current path up to Haymans Point? 


The proposals for the Carmelita Centre are within the footprint of the existing centre; they do not include the path up to Haymans Point. 

Are these proposals related to the three buildings on the other side of Jonathan Street? 


No, neither of these sites are related to three buildings on the other side of Jonathan Street. The Carmelita Centre site is on the Vauxhall Walk/Jonathan Street intersection and the Orsett Street site is on the Orsett Street/Vauxhall Street intersection. 

What is happening to the roofs of the garages at Coverley Point? 


We are exploring options for updating the decked area over the garage and will update residents as the proposals develop further. 

Will the new development come with Hyperoptic fibre built in to facilitate working from home? 


We cannot confirm the internet provider or type of internet provision at this time, but we will take this into consideration.  

Can the bay window features be white to match the rest of the estate buildings? 


We appreciate the suggestion – given the existing windows on the estate have a white casing – but it is important to balance the immediate context and the buildings nearby. We are happy to investigate whether this could be an option with LB Lambeth’s planning team. 

How does the design of the homes respond to COVID19 and an increase in people working from home? 


All homes conform to modern space standards and thus will have ample room for residents to work from home. Homes for Lambeth are looking at opportunities to install high speed fibre connections to all homes.  
What materials are you proposing to use for the exterior of the building? 

Both the Orsett Street and Carmelita Centre elements of the proposals will include a palette of high-quality brick work, pre-cast stone elements and delicate metalwork to give the new building a clear and coherent character that responds to the local area. The tone of the brick will be used to reflect the surrounding buildings.  


Are the proposals too close to Haymans Point? 

The proposals for the Carmelita Centre are 15m away from Haymans Point. This is line with the separation distance accepted by planning policy in an urban area. We have also considered Haymans Point as we have developed the proposals, ensuring that the new building is set back as far as possible within the context of the site from Haymans Point. 


The original Orsett House was demolished to reduce density and open-up space around Sancroft House and Pella House. This new proposal is too high and will isolate Sancroft House residents from the rest of our community. Who has decided to reverse the previous decisions? 


Lambeth Council has identified this space as suitable for residential accommodation as part of work to upgrade and improve other green/open space in the area. In this case, this includes improvements to the open space at the Carmelita Centre site.  

Why are proposing housing on this site and not green space for existing residents of the estate? 


Lambeth, and London, has a housing crisis and we believe that the best use of these two sites is for new homes. 

What happened to the previous version of this proposal? 


Careful study has shown that the proposals shown here are the best, most efficient and most effective use of both sites.  

Could you include a gym? 


It is possible that the outside areas at Carmelita could include an outdoor gym. No gym is proposed within either building.  
Why are you building luxury flats here? The area should be given over to green space. 

Across the two sites we are providing 29 new high-quality affordable homes that will be managed by Homes for Lambeth. These 29 flats will be funded by the private sale of the 38 new homes proposed on Orsett Street  which will be sold by Homes for Lambeth. We believe that this is the best use of the space. 


With over 1,300 homes being built at Oval Village, why is this small development also being considered only 2 minutes down the road?


Oval Village is not a Homes for Lambeth development. This development will provide 29 new affordable homes for those who live and work in Lambeth. 

Will there be a temporary community centre on site during the construction phase? 


Yes, we will be building a temporary centre for use by the local community whilst the new development is being built. 

What is the business plan for the new centre? 


We will be discussing the plans for the community centre, including the management, in more detail with local residents and users of the Centre over the coming weeks and months and are open to ideas. 

Can the Carmelita Centre be used for working from home? 


We will be discussing the plans for the community centre, and the functions based within it, in more detail with local residents and users of the Centre over the coming weeks and months and are open to ideas. 

The existing centre has a clothes recycling bank. Could you provide a more diverse recycling facility for the centre? 


We are happy to consider this as the proposals develop further.  

Will the entrance be on the Haymans Point side or as currently on the Vauxhall walk street side? 


The entrances to the Carmelita Centre will be relocated from Vauxhall Walk to Jonathan Street. 

What will happen to the outdoor gym at the back of the existing centre? 


The layouts and the facilities within the community garden are indicative and will be discussed during workshops and consultation with both VGERTA and the community centre users in the coming months.  

Monthly meetings at the Carmelita Centre were proposed to allow for local engagement. Are there any plans to mirror local engagement in this way? 


We will be hosting workshops and consultation with both VGERTA and the community centre users in the coming months to discuss the proposals for the Carmelita Centre in more detail. These will be in line with social distancing measures. If there is appetite for monthly meetings during the planning process, then we are happy to facilitate this. 

What will the S106 contribution be spent on? 


This will be a decision for Lambeth Council.  

Do VGERTA committee support the proposals? 


We are planning to host consultation workshops/meetings (in line with social distancing guidelines) over the coming weeks and months with VGERTA as the proposals develop. 

VGERTA developed a scheme following engagement with the community. What happened to the feedback? 


Homes for Lambeth continue to work with VGERTA to ensure the best outcome and the feedback from that work continues to inform the current development.  
How is noise going to be control and monitored during construction? 

Whilst temporary, we do appreciate that any development is disruptive. Homes for Lambeth will seek to mitigate the impact of the development through ensuring that the selected Contractor complies with the Considerate Contractors Scheme. Construction will also take place during standard working hours. 
There will be an element of noise, dust and traffic as part of a demolition and build project but this will be minimised through a range of measures that will be presented to the Council and will need to be agreed ahead of construction. 

A full Construction Management Plan will be completed as part of the application process. This will be a live document throughout the construction programme, which shall be made available to stakeholders, local residents and council members.  The report shall include the proposed processes and methods of containment.  Contact details and complaints procedures shall also be provided and advertised on any site hoardings. 
As part of the Considerate Contractor requirements there will restrictions on when site traffic can enter the site and when construction takes place. There will also be contact details to report any issues on the site. 

How will it affect current residents (road closures, noise, dust etc.)? 

A full Construction Management Plan will be completed as part of the application process. This will be a live document throughout the construction programme, which shall be made available to stakeholders, local residents and council members. 

The report will include the proposed processes and methods of containment. Contact details and complaints procedures shall also be provided and advertised on any site hoardings. 

Vauxhall Street previously had many anti-social behaviour issues, including drug dealing. Is the new building going to have security features? 

The proposals include ground floor windows and doors on all sides to create natural surveillance and will adhere to secure by design principles. 


The Metroplitan Police’s secure by design officer will carefully examine both applications.  

Will priority be given to existing residents of the Vauxhall Gardens Estate? 


In this case, the council rent properties will be made available to all those eligible under Lambeth Council’s allocations policy. There will in this case be no priority for Vauxhall Gardens residents.  

Will Homes for Lambeth be managing the development? 


The affordable housing element of the scheme will be owned and managed by Homes for Lambeth. The Orsett Street proposals includes homes for private sale. 

Will the new tenants have access to parking? 


The proposals for Angell Town are car free, there will be no parking spaces except for the wheelchair accessible units which will be provided in close proximity on street. 

Could Worgan Street be pedestrianized? 


Worgan Street does not fall within the red line of this planning application, this would need to be discussed with Lambeth Council’s highways team. 

Are you targeting eco credentials for the scheme? 


We want to ensure the proposals are as sustainable and green as possible and are implementing a number of measures to achieve this. 

What sustainability measures are proposed?


We are proposing a range of measures including: Ground Source Heat Pumps, heat recovery where possible, solar panels, brown/green roofs and natural ventilation to ensure the buildings are naturally energy efficient. 

Why is there only one planning application? What if people like one of the developments but not the other one? 


Comments can be made on any aspect of the planning application. This will allow a distinction to be made between the two buildings.  

Is it possible to use local apprentices and suppliers to work on the project? 


We will use the local apprenticeship scheme for these proposals, in line with Lambeth Council planning policy. 

There is a family of foxes living under the building currently could you make sure they are re-located safely? 


We will do our best to ensure this happens.  

How much will the 29 new homes and community centre cost to build?  


A full viability report will be prepared that demonstrates the cost of building the new homes and community centre and will be available on submission of the application.  

What is the estimated retail price of the new build properties? 


For the Orsett Street site and the shared ownership properties at Carmelita Street, this will depend on market value when the properties are sold.  

What will happen with any excess money produced from the sale of the 38 private flats? 


Should there be any excess funds, these will remain under the control of Homes for Lambeth for the purposes of providing new homes. More information on this can be found at 

How have you considered the Graphite Square development in relation to these proposals? 


The relevant report will consider the proposal’s impact on all relevant buildings including Graphite Square.  

How will the daylight/sunlight of existing residents be impacted by the proposals? Haymans Point flats face the new development. Will the lower floors be in full shade? 

We will be undertaking a full daylight/sunlight test of the application as part of the planning process. The report will be scrutinised by an independent assessor as part of the planning process. When the application is submitted to Lambeth Council you will be able to view the report alongside the rest of the application documents.  


The proposals for Orsett Street are taller than any building in the area, will they obstruct the daylight/sunlight of nearby buildings? 

The proposals seek to strike a balance between the low-rise buildings in the area and the taller element of Pellar House. The taller element of the proposed building will be set back from the road to reduce its visual impact. 


We will be undertaking a full daylight/sunlight study for the planning application to ensure that the proposals are considered acceptable within the context of an urban area. This report will be submitted as part of the planning application and scrutinised independently by Lambeth Council’s Planning Authority.  

Will the outdoor garden spaces receive enough daylight/sunlight? 

We believe that the spaces will receive good levels of daylight during the day and will provide an analysis of this in our daylight/sunlight report that will be submitted as part of the planning application. 

We are currently in the process of cross-referencing the proposals for the Carmelita Centre’s green space against the available plans for Graphite Square. 

What do you mean by affordable housing? 


For rented properties, the rents will be determined by Homes for Lambeth and it is proposed that they will mirror council rent levels. Shared ownership properties will combine rental and ownership in distinct proportions, with the rent dependent on current council and market rents.  


Have any documents relating to this proposal been released to scrutiny? 


The development of these two sites was included within Homes for Lambeth's Business Plan (which can be viewed here). Scrutiny Committee would not have oversight of a planning decision – that is a matter for the planning team at Lambeth Council, and they are included within this process as with any planning application in the Borough. 


Are you planning to sell of Vauxhall Garden Estate? 


No, we have no plans to sell of the Vauxhall Garden Estate. 

Isn’t this site owned by the Princes Trust? 


We have carried out all of the relevant land checks on both sites and neither belong to a third party. Both are owned by Lambeth Council.  

Are there any current or future plans to demolish Coverley or Haymans Point? 


We are not aware of any proposals of this kind. 
Will you allow people to buy from the Apprenticeship scheme?  We are exploring this further but there will be provision for local residents through the affordable housing element of the scheme. 

Many of the recent new build apartments on the corner of Vauxhall Street and Sancroft Street appear to be unoccupied on a regular basis, which suggests they are primarily an investment purchase. What steps will you take to ensure this trend does not continue in the redevelopment on Orsett Street? 


Our aim is to build communities and the architecture of both buildings is centred on this wish. Consequently, we hope that those who move into the buildings form new communities and make full use of their property. 

With this new development, and also the development on Graphite Square, are there any plans for additional supermarkets to serve the additional demand? 


The proposals for this site do not include a new supermarket, we believe that there is adequate provision within the immediate area to support the development of the 67 new homes proposed within this planning application. 
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